Hurricane Car Wash - 24/7 Indoor Car Wash

Hurricane Car Wash is an easy, reliable and efficient, 24/7 indoor car washing service located in Randburg. Our facility is 100% secure, with lounge, kiddies play area, koi pond as well as FREE Wi-Fi.

Locally owned and owner managed for over 17 years, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering great value, quality clean and our unique approach - great customer service, friendly advice and handy hints on how to help retain your car’s value through regular washing.

Our Randburg site is manned by friendly, helpful attendants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hurricane Car Wash allows you to choose between our Ryko Hi Impact Touchless Automatic 5min wash or Ryko Automatic Nova 2000 Conveyor 1min wash. These services are complemented by our high suction vacuum cleaners, auto fragrance and upholstery shampoo machines as well as a wide range of vending products that allow you to complete final detailing.

Our Daily Specials

Ladies 50% off Tuesday & Thursday, Pensioners 50% on Wednesday

Top reasons to use Hurricane Car Wash

  • 100% Safe
    Our system is even safer than hand washing. We entrust your car to a combination of computer controlled sprays and the gentleness of soft cloth for added shine! No dull finish & 100% safe. Lubricated with environmentally friendly shampoo's & water. Safer than hand washing!
  • The Secret is in the Soap
    Our environment friendly shampoo's are non caustic, non acidic & phosphate free. They are safe for your car, and safer for the environment too.
  • We Use Biodegradable Solutions & Recycle Our Water
    We recycle our water then filter it for reuses. All oils are collected and (deposited) safely. If you wash your car at home, on the street or in the drive-ways you are polluting the rivers and streams by discharging oils and chemicals into the storm drains.
  • Double Liquid Foam Polish & Clearshield
    For extra shine, protection and repellent ask for our “Exterior Auto Shampoo”. This three-step cleaner liquid polish and protectant gives your vehicle the legendary shine while prolonging the life of your finish & protects clear coat finishes. For a sparkling clean car ask for "The Auto Shampoo Exterior Car Wash"
  • The Personalised Touch
    Any car wash can simply wash your car. We give you the edge in personalised service and attention to detail. We are passionate about keeping your vehicle at showroom condition.
  • Touchless Air Dryers
    If you've ever pulled out of a carwash with your car still dripping wet, You’ll appreciate our Overhead Multi Blow Drying System. Our touchless dryers will safely dry your car and prevent spotting. Safe even for vinyl tops and convertibles.
  • "Fast, Fun & High Tech"
    We know that time is very important so we do everything possible to get you in and out as quickly as possible.
  • We Guarantee It
    Our guarantee is simple. You must be satisfied or we'll re wash your car for FREE! Our people are recruited and trained with and emphasis that "The Customer is King"!
  • Only the best products are used
    We only use products that are uniquely designed for the surface of your vehicle. Whether it is leather, vinyl, plastic, wood, simulated wood or upholstery, our products are specifically formulated to gently and efficiently clean all interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle.
  • Don't Worry!
    The auto manufacturers approve of Hurricane's Car Wash process, so don't pollute, wash it at Hurricane and leave it to the professionals.

Our Services

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About us

The Hurricane Group started with the objective of establishing an up-market carwash network at prestige locations around South Africa, in 1999 in Randburg. This site today operates at capacity, offering customers the best car wash service.

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We provide services for such brands as

  • vw
  • audi
  • alfa
  • citroen
  • bmw
  • fiat
  • honda
  • ford
  • jaguar
  • merc
  • mitsubishi
  • mini
  • nissan
  • peugeot
  • renault
  • subaru
  • rover
  • toyota